Oh yeah, it's all coming together.

About Early Access

Early Access is a time in development where we take feedback from experts, tweak what's left to tweak and keep adding features we've planned. Right now we're only letting in our Dedicated users, if that's you –congrats!

Expect typos, bugs and a few errors here and there - these are all normal and if you find any we'll fix them ASAP :)

We're working with you

There's no documentation or video tutorials yet, right now we're totally focused on development and support. So rest assured, we're here for you and will walk you through every step & feature – we think you're going to be amazed at the ease of use and blazing speed of Menterprise Publishing!

Here's how it works: Pages + Domains.

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Starting at $275 p/m for 500k pages

First, you'll choose a Pages Plan. This is a subscription for Total Active Pages, paid monthly (not pages per month). The page quantity of each campaign deployed counts towards the Total Active Pages value of your subscription. You have several Pages Plans to choose from, the higher plans have a lower cost per page.

Scheduling Pages

You can schedule some or all pages within a campaign to be published in the future. Scheduled pages count towards your Total Active Pages at the time of campaign deployment, as all the processing (for immediate and scheduled publishing) is commenced immediately. This also ensures that your plan accommodates the scheduled amount and you can be confident they will be published as scheduled.

You can delete a campaign in the future, if needed, freeing up that campaigns' page quantity.

Active Pages

By active, we mean either published (online) or scheduled to be published (soon to be online). We do not purge or delete pages (unless they breach our Terms & Conditions), only you have control over deleting pages. Your sites/pages will remain active for the duration of your active Pages + Domains subscriptions.

Upgrading your Pages Plan is easy. Downgrading is also easy, however you'd need to decide which campaigns/pages to delete to fit within your new plan.

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Starting at $10 p/m for hosting

Second, you'll add Domain Hosting. Simply add your domains, as many as you want, whenever you want. For each domain you'd like to add, simply select Regular or Mega Domain Hosting.

Regular Domain Hosting

1 Domain with 100 subdomains • $10 USD/month

Includes: Dedicated IP, Dedicated Resources, Automatic HTTPS (SSL/TLS)

Mega Domain Hosting

1 Domain with 1,000 subdomains • $20 USD/month

Includes: Dedicated IP, Dedicated Resources, Automatic HTTPS (SSL/TLS)

Please note:
  • To add a domain you will need access to the domain's name-servers.
  • Currently you will not be able to upgrade or downgrade Domain Hosting plans.
  • Please add domains that are not connected with any email accounts. Once your domain is hosted with Menterprise, emails will not work.
  • If you cancel a specific domain, just the subdomains and pages for that domain will be deleted (however, you can move both subdomains and pages to your other Menterprise Publishing domains before cancelling). All other pages/domains within your subscription remain active as long as your Pages + Domain subscriptions are active.

How to get started.

Choose your plan

For Early Access we need to manually add your selected Pages Plan to your current Menterprise subscription. We'll be pretty quick to add this for you, just allow us a few hours for time differences ;)

Complete the form

Just complete the form below and we'll get your subscription added. The payment method within your current subscription will be charged for the first month. Monthly renewals will be charged automatically and you can manage everything (upgrades, payment method etc) from within your usual Menterprise Billing portal.

We'll get you set up

As soon as we've added your Pages Plan, we'll let you know, and then you'll be able to get started adding Domains (you can even start preparing campaigns while waiting for Domain propagation).

Plans for all shapes and sizes.
Upgrade at any time.

500 Thousand Pages

$ 275


500,000 Total Active Pages


$ 495


1,000,000 Total Active Pages


$ 890


2,000,000 Total Active Pages


$ 1195


3,000,000 Total Active Pages


$ 1450


4,000,000 Total Active Pages


$ 1595


5,000,000 Total Active Pages


$ 1975


7,000,000 Total Active Pages

10 MILLION Pages

$ 2490


10,000,000 Total Active Pages

Let's do this.

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